Unfortunately my Mediafire account has been locked today after 4 complaints of infringements of copyrighted materials, all links will be inactive, and I DO NOT know what to do next as it is happening for the second, I need new site to upload to, and LARGE TIME for uploading, Sorry....



This is my Mediafire account, I do not know what I shall do, but I'll try to resuscitate.



Dear Visitors,
Today I received a second letter from Mediafire telling me that another file will be suspended. I did not tell you in the first time hoping it will be the only one (which involved "Practical handbook of thoracic anesthesia" about a month ago), but I have to this time (regarding Guyton's Physiology 12 Ed.) as Mediafire says:
"Mediafire accounts that experience multiple incidents of alleged copyright infringements without viable counterclaims may be terminated".
So if what I'm afraid of happen, I'll try to re-upload most of the contents of this site to a new file host, but i do not know to which one, as there is no one like Mediafire in supporting multiple download and resumibility. So please excuse us if sudden collapse happens.
Also I wish if any one can help and recommend a new file hosting site.
Best Regards.


New Domain

Dear Visitors,

Due to the increasing number of visitors that exceeded 12,500 visitor this month, I'd like to announce to you the release of our new domain:


as a gratitude to your support, and I hope to make this site of great benefit to all anaesthetists. Thanks to all my friends, colleagues and even my seniors encouraging to do my best.

Yours, Muhammed AK Olaiwy


1st Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of starting this blog, so I'd like to thank all my friends, colleagues and visitors who support me and keep this blog alive, I wish to keep this page up to date with all stuff that is important and beneficial to anaesthetists around the world, and I will be happy to receive your opinions, feedback and requests.